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Check out this Hilarious conversation, Girls and money

*Man: Marry me?*

*Woman: Do you have a flat?*
*Man: No*.
*Woman: Do you have a* *Camry car?*
*Man: No.*
*Woman: How much is your salary?*
*Man: No salary, but I....!*

There are 12 black dots in this picture but how many can you see?

This is the latest puzzle to sweep the web after it was posted to reddit. There are a total of 12 black dots in the grid but they're not all visible at once, soon as you find one the other disappears. You can try finding them all or give up before you get a really bad headache. Lol.

Lady says once you have s3x with her, you cant Leave without her permission

In a video she shared online, the lady basically said no man can come into her life, lie to get her in bed, disturb her with great sex...she called it 'good bloodclat d**k' then want to leave. She said if you enter, you're not going anywhere except she wants you to Hilarious video. Watch it after the cut...

Lol. Thief becomes good samaritan when he notices CCTV caught him stealing

The video which was shared on Facebook by Fb-Superchor and has been viewed over 2.9m times shows a man whose motorcycle had broken down and was trying to fix it. Another man walks behind him and tries to pick his pocket. He failed the first time and as he was about to try the second time, he noticed the CCTV behind him, what he does next will amuse you, lol. Watch after the cut..

This sick person needs your advice lol

Lol. What do you advice?

Two women beat up a man and throw him in the gutter after he harrassed them on the streets of Akure (photos)

I don't believe this story myself, they said this happened on Sunday July 10th at Alagbaka, Akure, Ondo state. The two ladies were minding their business, going their own way when the guy started to follow them, asking one of them out. They told him to bugger off that they weren't interested but instead of doing so, he began to harass them. The girls got angry and decided to teach him a lesson... the lesson that led the young man into the See more exclusive photos after the cut...

Similarities between Gala and APC lol

This gala has similarities with All Progressives Congress - APC's electoral promises. There is enough meat at the edges to deceive you that there is more meat inside, but when you buy it the truth is revealed!

Photo of the day Is that a manhood?

Lol... this people will not kill me.

She was born a man...but check her out now! Don't hate! Lol

She's a well-known transgender model named Morgan West and is rumoured to be dating one of the Washington Wizards stars...

Mother gets her daughter a birthday cake of her head stuck in the toilet after a drunk night out

Abbi Price from Coventry celebrated her milestone 18th birthday last week and thanks to her family, it's one she'll never forget. Her mum decided to replicate a hilarious image of her throwing up after a big night out. She got a beautiful three-tier cake but at its top was the unflattering memorial.

This Lady wants to report Omotola to her husband for hugging Francis odega (funny meme)

Lol, see that lady's face.

Ladies you always does this right? (Funny Photo)

Yea, lots of ladies does this, don't lie O

If this was Awesome Dog was yours, what would you name it?

What would you name it guys? I will mine  "Beasty"

Quick joke by Akpos

Akpos boy found a bag of money and called an FM radio station saying…
Akpos: Hello, I found a lost bag with $700,000.00, an ID card and a master card belonging to one Mr Victor James, Plot 4 Park View Estate, Ikoyi.
Presenter: You are such an honest boy! So, I believe you want to return the bag?
Akpos: No! Am I crazy? For what?
 I just want to dedicate a song to him. Play me, “MY HELPER OOO…
One word for d boy.........

Lol. War of the words between Nigerians and Kenyans over Mark Zuckerberg's visit to each country

It was war of the words on twitter yesterday between Nigerians and Kenyans over Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg's visit to both countries and a debate on which country's food he preferred. Nigerian jollof rice or Kenya's native food. Read more tweets after the cut...

See this hilarious drawing of Kevin hart and Eniko Hart's wedding photo lol

Warrisdis biko? This artist is so wicked, lol.

Actress Rita Edochie claps back at trolls who make fun of her heavy eye make-up

Lol...well said, mama!

Hilarious! Nigeria vs Ghana and their pronunciations them sabi!

Photos: Seyi Law tries on a brown wig.. How does he look?

Comedian Seyi Law, shared these photos above of himself with a long brown wig on. His caption on Instagram: "I sure look pretty as a lady." He does!

This lady was waiting to marry a rich man, but ended up marrying this

Nothing, if you ask me. She is young and pretty. Not exactly the typical cheerful bride. But an online user shared the photos, insinuating that the bride doesn't look happy because 'she wasted her 20s and early 30s on radical feminism', refused to marry guys who earn less than N200k a month, only to end up with a man she does not like"...happy married life to them jor!

Jim Iyke says these are the kind of girls he prays to avoid

The actor and father of one doesn't want ladies who pop and waste champagne ....I know many guys will agree with this prayer.

Lol..Randy Jackson, 60, sags his jeans...and he isn't wearing any underwear

Former American Idol judge, Randy Jackson, stepped out with a lady friend at Siren studios in Hollywood yesterday for the Expect the Unexpected Make up Forever party, sagging his jeans and he wasn't wearing any underwear. See the photo after the cut...

See this person with a big butt lol

Erm that's a guy o....

This kid banned his mom from bedtime stories with a hilarious note

A child named Owen was apparently over his mom’s bedtime shenanigans so he decided to bypass his mum's nightly bedtime stories and even opted to tuck himself in by posting this note on his bedroom door, lol. A cousin of Owen’s mum shared the note on reddit.

Nigerians are at it again with hillarious memes


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